ROKER RAPPORT XTRA: F*cking Sunderland v F*cking Southend preview w/ Liam from All At Sea!

Graham was joined by our old friend Liam from Shrimpers fanzine 'All at Sea' to preview the upcoming match this Saturday at the Stadium of Light. Warning: Frequent harsh language contained within. You can listen for FREE as usual on iTunes, Acast, Spotify and of course YouTube - Get stuck in!

What are we talking about this week?

  • Sh*t, sh*t and more f*cking sh*t; Things really are that bad down Roots Hall apparently...
  • The arrival of Sol Campbell, the resignation of Kevin Bond and all those ghosts of Southend's managers past.
  • Graham's musings over fox sh*t from 15 years prior; Including flashbacks.
  • Henrik Larsson, Dirk Kuyt and all that madness (the Champ Manager 01/02 model)
  • Nightmarish scenarios like shipping 43 goals in 15 matches, and looking at what might be the issue there..
  • Predictions, players to watch, players Graham wishes he'd never watched and Jeremy Kyle in the Roots Hall dressing room. Aye.

Liam has suffered enough, but still. Listen In!


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