ROKER RAPPORT RECAP: The 'Time for Parkinson to leave Sunderland - Kyril Louis-Dreyfus Takeover' Pod!

Gav, Connor and Sam look at the situation with Phil Parkinson and the (possible but not confirmed.. Aye) Takeover of the club by a young billionaire by the name of Kyril Louis-Dreyfus and one Juan Sartori...

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What are we talking about?

  • So a change is on the horizon once more... Is this actually happening? What exactly is this that is apparently happening soon? Who is Kyril Louis-Dreyfus? What are Juan, Stewart and Charlie up to (and will they tell anyone) and if all goes to plan.. What is the plan?

  • Phil Parkinson; Is everyone on the ParkyOut bus? Was the weekends game a step too far for Parkinson? Does he already know he's on his way out?

  • A replacement manager; Who do people want to see in charge at SAFC? Can a decision be made with a Takeover currently underway... Allegedly.. Aye

  • What do we think will happen in the coming months? Do we see a brighter future or more doubt? Is Charles and Stewart's involvement making people a bit more nervous about it all?

  • Can we last the Podcast without confirming something that doesn't end up happening after all?

All this and much more! Stay safe and as usual, thanks for listening!


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