ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: With Sunderland Legend Kieran Richardson!

Our Xtra host Graham had the chance to catch up with the absolute Lad that is Kieran Richardson to discuss his time at Sunderland, Roy Keane, Steve Bruce, that absolute screamer against the mags, the fanbase as a whole, that ponytail, and the highlights of his playing career to date.

What are we talking about this episode? 

If Kieran could pick a team from the players he played alongside at the Stadium of Light, who would make the top eleven?

Roy Keane; What was it like to play under him after playing alongside him, and how did it feel when he left the club?

The City itself; Did he enjoy his time here, living alongside the fans?

Playing against Newcastle; How did it feel to hit that free kick, and could he feel what it meant to the fanbase?

Real team players; What did he make of talk about team spirit at the time, and dressing room drama? 

The love of the game; Kieran tells us his preferred position, but the importance of doing a job no matter where you are on the pitch.

The reasons why he had to leave us;

What are his abiding memories of the club, and would he change anything about his time here?

All this and much, much more! Get Stuck in!


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