ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: With ex-Sunderland midfielder Lee Clark - talking honestly about his past

Joining us in the studio to talk candidly about his controversial time as a Sunderland player is Lee Clark. You can listen for free on Acast, iTunes, Spotify, TuneIn and YouTube - get stuck in!

What are we talking about this episode?

Lee tells all about where Sunderland’s interest in him started;

How a boozy session with Peter Reid convinced him to come;

His happy memories of playing for the Lads;

The night he told Peter Reid he couldn’t play for Sunderland in the Premier League;

THAT photo - Lee gives his account of what actually happened, and why it happened;

The fallout - what was said, and how he left;

Some great stories about Kevin Ball;

His managerial career and what he’s up to now;

His perspective on Chris Maguire - the man he signed at Bury;

All this and much, much more! Get stuck in!


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