ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: Talking about the ‘Sunderland Til I Die’ Netflix series with Fulwell73!

Tomorrow, ‘Sunderland Til I Die’ will be finally unveiled to the world via Netflix. Joining us to talk all about it are Leo, Ben and Souts from Fulwell73, the production company behind it. You can listen for free on Acast, iTunes, Spotify, & YouTube - get stuck in!

What are we talking about this episode?

When, where, why, and how did the lads from Fulwell73 decide to make a documentary on the trials and tribulations of Sunderland AFC?

How did the initial talks go with the club, and what was the pitch that convinced Netflix to green-light such a series?

What was it like as fans, watching all this past drama unfold from the inside?

Did the approach and the vision evolve as the season progressed?

Who was easier to deal with, and how important was it to involve the fanbase the way they did?

A little background on the lads as fans of Sunderland, the production process, and talk of further seasons being released;

All this and much, much more! Tune in!


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