ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: Tales from the past & reacting to Sunderland 2-2 Accy w/ Malcolm Bramley!

The lads were joined once again by the wonderful Malcolm Bramley - the SAFC senior supporters secretary - to analyse this past week's games, discuss the areas that seem to be a great source of frustration for the fanbase currently, and listen to some stories about Malcolm's time at Sunderland in his youth. You can listen, for free as usual, on Acast, iTunes, Spotify, and of course YouTube! Get stuck in!

What are we talking about?

  • Drawgate; With Jack Ross coming under fire from some sections of the fanbase and social media lately, what do we think has been preventing us from getting the 3 points we need? Do we need a complete tactical overhaul, or are we just needing a few key players to step up?

  • Performances; How have the Lads looked recently? Is Baldwin at risk of losing his place? Should Maguire start? Why do people hate George Honeyman? Is Watmore better utilised as an impact sub? More question marks within..

  • Jack's Best XI; Do we think he knows who they are yet?

  • A Chicken sandwich and a cigar; Malcolm tells us how things used to be done in the boardroom back in the day..

  • A truly full Roker Park; Malcolm's treasured memories of his favourite games, moments, the great Charlie Hurley and Brian Clough, and why he's not a fan of looking down.

All this and much more. Tune In!


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