ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: Sunderland media emergency panel w/ A Love Supreme, Wise Men Say & SAFC Fan TV!

As a result of the feeling of desperation and despair surrounding Sunderland reaching fever pitch recently, RR decided to convene an emergency meeting of the Sunderland fan media outlets. Alex was joined at Sunderland University studios by A Love Supreme editor Martyn McFadden, Wise Men Say Podcast's Chris Weatherspoon and SAFC Fan TV's Shaun Middleton to discuss as much as we could possibly squeeze into just the one hour.


  • Reaction to the latest league defeat against Burton;

  • Phil Parkinson; What is going on here exactly?

  • Player confidence/effort; Are they doing enough on the pitch and if not.. is that the manager?

  • Have Stewart Donald and Charlie Methven been too open with fan outlets; In hindsight was it a good idea to have the owners on social media and speaking their minds on Podcasts?

  • What should the club do to resolve the current issues, and just how many issues do the club have?

  • Answering your questions, giving barely optimistic predictions for the future and generally getting a few things of their chests..


*If at all possible. Sorry.


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