ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: Sunderland AFC End of Season Review & Retained List Reaction!

A few of the RR Editorial lads - Rich Speight, Chris Wynn and Martin Wanless - managed to squeeze some time in between meetings late this morning to:

  • Look at Sunderland's end to the season against Lincoln at the weekend... Eventually...

  • React to the retained list the club released yesterday; Was the release of so many players - including both Captains - a statement of intent?

  • Discuss what changes we may expect from KLD, Speakman, Johnson and the recruitment team at the club over the coming summer, and look at the contracts offered to Wyke, McGeady, Hume and O'Nien;

  • Ask if there's a future for players returning from loans; Martin and Chris make a shocking Dobson related admission...

  • React to some of the more outright abusive comments and behaviour directed toward the players and management from a small but vocal section of the Sunderland fan base; Is comparing an outgoing club captain to... Hitler... maybe a step too far for example? Who knows eh?

  • Look at whether - in their opinion - Lee Johnson deserves a chance to do what he was brought in to do;

All this and much more...

As always we'd like to thank you all for listening to us chat away this season, Lads and Lasses!

Keep the Faith and Haway The Lads! #EFL #SAFC


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