ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: RR Editorial Meeting - A chat about Sunderland's Owners...

Half of the RR editorial and management team got together yesterday (Including the return after two long years of the exiled one, Mr Tom Atkinson) following the announcement of a new CEO - A lad called Jim (I'm not saying that last name either) and tried to work out where they sat with the decision and what they hope/fear this might mean for the club, as well as getting a few things about our owners off their collective chests...

What are we talking about?

  • Jim. Who is Jim? Does Charlie know Jim? Does Jim know Charlie? If Jim knows Charlie do we think he likes him, and if so...why?

  • More Jim R____ chatter, including his previous endeavours in the footballing world and what we've been told about the way he conducts himself in these roles;

  • What do the lads think Jim should do? Should Jim tell us what he's here for, or should he sit in the shadows like at previous clubs?

  • General chat about the owners, what they're up to, what they have done (allegedly) and what they haven't done (allegedly) and other stuff people may/may not like to hear;

  • The weather;

  • More Jim stuff, as well as Charlie stuff and Stewart stuff and finance stuff and general communication with fans stuff.. It's full of stuff.


This contains strong personal opinions of the people speaking and other such madness. Listen In!


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