ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: RR 24 Hour Rewind - The First Hour w/ Simon Crabtree & Julio Arca!

[Excerpt from live broadcast on Twitter Spaces - Friday, 10th December 2021]

The lads started the 24 hour Twitter Spaces Marathon with a bang last Friday - as we looked to raise funds for Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen - by chatting all things SAFC with the legends that are Crabbers and Julio Arca!

What’s the crack?

  • Gav and the rest of the lads outline why the live broadcast went ahead - and reflect on Lee Johnson and Mel Reay's visit that afternoon to the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen;

  • Is Crabbers there? Can Gav hear Crabbers? How does this technology work exactly?

  • JULIO OH - What has our favourite Argentinian Mackem been up to lately?

  • The party gets started as the livewire that is Simon Crabtree lets loose with his many stories and thoughts on his time at Sunderland;

  • Julio tells some stories about his career, his time playing for the Red & White Wizards, and answers listeners questions;

  • Gav loses Crabbers halfway through a Sacko story - anarchy descends - Crabbers returns fire with a few Bally stories and starts interviewing Julio himself;

  • The lads reminisce about the time Big Mick McCarthy caused Julio to be attacked by a jellyfish... and then lets us all in on just what he was willing to be subjected to in order to kill the pain...

  • Basically it's barely controlled chaos lads and lasses, welcome to RR Live-ish!

Listen in and while you’re here - please consider donating to or simply sharing our annual Christmas Fundraiser for the Sunderland Community Soup Kitchen - who work tirelessly to help the most vulnerable in our community - by clicking here for our GoFundMe and here for more information on the campaign!

We just passed £56,000 raised! Absolutely magnificent from everyone! Thank you all again and let's keep this going!


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