ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: Reaction to Sunderland v Coventry with Brazil's own - Danny Collins!

Well. That was a somewhat insane game Saturday gone. We haven't really recovered but luckily the lads spirits were a little lifted by the presence of Danny Collins, joining us to help analyse and try make sense of that result, as well as looking ahead to our last few games. You can listen in for free as usual on iTunes, Acast, Spotify, and of course YouTube. Get stuck in!

What are we on about?

  • One of the strangest games we've witnessed so far at the Stadium of Light; What the bloody hell went on there eh?
  • Player analysis; Who performed well, who didn't, and how badly do we need at least one consistent CB?
  • Tactical analysis; Should Jack Ross have changed the formation at half time to protect our back line? Was there anything he could have done to prevent that result?
  • How brilliant were those flags though; What more can be done to improve the atmosphere at the SoL? A few drums maybe? Or simply more wins...
  • Looking ahead; Can we still clinch automatic promotion, or are we heading back to Wembley in May?

All this and much more! Tune in!


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