ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: Reaction to Sunderland's first leg play-off victory over Pompey!

Join us as we gather together to discuss getting over the first hurdle, following our 1-0 defeat of Pompey, and what we need to do down Fratton Park to book that Wembley Play-off Final. You can listen on iTunes, Acast, Spotify, and of course YouTube. Get stuck in.

What are we on about?

  • Everything that occurred Saturday night, from the King's strike to big Alim's red.

  • Is Maguire the more natural number 10?

  • Ross; What did the lads make of his tactics and approach to the most important game this season so far?

  • Portsmouth; What should we expect from them in the second leg?

  • #Justice4Ozturk; NEVER A F*CKING RED. We discuss the Refs performance...

  • Hangovers, weird chatter, and Limmy impersonations? You didn't ask for any of it but here it is...

All this and more. Listen in! #We'renotentirelydoneatthisprecisemomentintimeapparently


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