Roker Rapport Podcast: Analysing the Bristol Rovers win & Sunderland Til I Die w/ Simon O’Rourke

Joining us to discuss the hard fought win at the weekend over Bristol Rovers and the fantastic Netflix series 'Sunderland Till I Die' is ITV's Simon O'Rourke! You can listen on iTunes, Acast, Spotify, TuneIn, and of course YouTube - Get Stuck In!

First things first; The Lake Poets - Shipyards

Buy it on iTunes/Stream it on Spotify, or the music app of your choice! 

Now man! Hurry up! Keep this going, lads and lasses!

But back to business...

What are we on about this week?

  • The Lord himself throwing javelins of ice at poor Connor's bald spot;

  • Saturday's victory over a determined Bristol Rovers side; Tactical analysis, Reaction, and trying to avoid hypothermia..

  • That documentary, That song, That feeling... With a side order of fewmin about a certain Martin Bain;

  • Has anything come up in the series that Simon has been shocked to learn?

  • A midfield conundrum; What seems to be our best central pairing?

  • The January transfer window; Who looks like they might not be here in February, and what players do we think Jack Ross will be on the look out for?

This and loads more, Pod suggestions and stuff, something about a porno with Chris Camm's Da? All fascinating, and just occasionally off topic. Aye. Listen In!


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