ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: The 'This aged f*cking well' TAKEOVER* Pod where Kieron Brady is still mint!

*Disclaimer: Unless you live under a rock, turns out it's not happening. So we're not actually.. Billionaires... Which is fine. Seriously it's fine. Never wanted to be one of the worlds richest clubs anyway.

However Brady is genuinely class on everything a new owner should do for this region.

Former Sunderland midfielder Kieron Brady joins us in the studio to talk all about the impending ownership change at the club and what that might mean for our future. You can listen for FREE on Acast, iTunes, Spotify, & YouTube - get stuck in.

What are we talking about?

  • John Phelan, Glenn Fuhrman, Rob Platek (and a certain Michael Dell) are allegedly soon to complete the deal that will bring considerable financial power to the Sunderland boardroom; What do the lads think should be at the top of the new owners list of priorities?
  • Kieron outlines where he thinks the previous Billionaire ownership went wrong, with an emphasis on the kind of investment he'd like to see such people bring to the City and the region as a whole;
  • What sort of changes might we expect with regard to transfer policy; do we think the 'moneyball' approach will be attempted or will the incoming team look to a more traditional, perhaps even subtle approach in the immediate future?
  • Sunderland is more than just a football club to most who follow it, this view has been adopted by a few payers coming in, but not all... Kieron talks about why we need to move from being "the easy club to play for"
  • Just how far back have we been making certain mistakes in the transfer market?
  • All in all; should we get carried away, or should we just enjoy the ride?

All this and so much more! Listen in!


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