ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: Getting to know Sunderland AFC Executive Director Charlie Methven!

Joining us in the studio is Sunderland Executive Director Charlie Methven, who is appearing on his second Roker Rapport podcast to answer your questions, and to talk all things SAFC and more. You can listen for free on Acast, iTunes, Spotify, TuneIn and YouTube - get stuck in!

What are we talking about today?

Getting to know Charlie as a person;

The Fan experience at the Stadium of Light... and certain musical choices!

What the financial implications are for the club if they fail to remove high earners;

What is it like watching Sunderland play from the Directors Box?

Favourite pints, stolen kebabs, and the morning after the night before...

Connor and Charlie compile a few fashion tips! Aye.

The potential breakaway European Super-league and PL2;

Plus much, much more! 90 minutes of podcast gold!!


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