ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: Frustration Inc - The Accrington 1-1 Sunderland Review!

Fancy a trip back to the immediate aftermath of Saturday’s result? Well this is the Podcast for you lads and lasses... Gav was joined by our Ant and Bomber on Saturday to discuss the result in-depth and chew the fat a bit about what we clearly need - in the lads opinions - this window.

What’s the crack?

  • Well that was just incredibly frustrating wasn’t it?

  • Should we be taking all those points, and if we had done so... would we have deserved them?

  • Individual errors - Not all of the Lads covered themselves with dust and glory on Saturday... and one more than most drew the ire of the panel. Guess who?

  • Let’s get physical - We need lads to bully sides and we’ve known we need lads to bully sides for years... So can we get some lads to bully sides please? Cheaz.

  • Over to Mr. Speakman - We need players in - ideally sooner rather than later - but which positions are we weakest in currently and are there any ideas on who we’d like to see brought specifically?

  • Don’t Panic Mr Mainwaring... As Gav has inspirational words for us all... Probably.

  • All this and much more! Listen in!

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