ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: Exclusive interview w/ Sunderland Legend - Super Kevin Phillips!

What is there to say really? We finally got the interview we've been chasing since the Rapport began, and here it is! A lovely chat with the absolute legend that is Super Kevin Phillips! Joining us to talk about his career at Sunderland, the many goals, the highs and the lows, and how it feels to be as revered as he is still to this day. You can catch us on iTunes, Acast, Spotify, and of course Youtube. Get stuck in!

What are we talking about?

  • By the time he left us, Super Kev had become a Club legend, but how did the move come about?

  • Has he ever been approached about a move back to the club, have any of the rumours been true, and should the opportunity arise in the future.. Would he return?

  • Did he feel he got a fair crack of the whip for England under Kevin Keegan, and does he feel a move away from Wearside at the time would have improved his chances at international level?

  • What are his fondest memories of the club and it's fans, and how did he feel about not getting a chance to say goodbye properly before his move away?

  • Howard Wilkinson; Just the wrong man at the wrong time? How eccentric was he as a manager?

  • Goals; He scored a fair few.. Did the derby goals stand out above the rest?

All this and much more! Plus: Just how hot can you get in a studio with no air con? Tune in!


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