ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: Discussing Sunderland’s draw against Ipswich w/ Danny Collins!

Following Saturday's game the lads had the pleasure of Danny Collins' company to discuss all things SAFC! (Trigger warning: Contains a variety of strong personal opinions) Aye. You can listen for FREE on Acast, iTunes, Spotify, & YouTube - get stuck in.

What are we talking about this week?

  • 1 - 1
  • The lads analyse the point we took from Ipswich, and the look of the team so far;
  • Club captain; Danny offers his opinion on how well it works if the player isn’t actually a regular starter for the side..
  • We look at the growing tension between the manager and the fanbase; Just which side of the fence is everybody on right now?
  • Should we be worried at this stage of the season or will (for example) an emphatic win against Pompey on Saturday be enough to calm the unrest?
  • Player performances; Who looks like they’re up for the challenge and who looks like they need a bit of an arm around the shoulder?
  • Tactical breakdown; The lads discuss the efficacy of the team, and the possible reasons behind not being able to muster more than 3 shots the entire 90 minutes...

Some fascinating insight from the Brazilian legend as usual. This and much, much more. Enjoy the show!


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