ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: BROADHEEEED! The Cambridge United 1-2 Sunderland AFC Review!

Our Gav was joined yesterday by young Timmy/Martin and our Brett as they went over Sunderland's 2-1 victory over the U's away in the league on Saturday, and look ahead to the next couple games as Lee Johnson's lads look to build momentum - in spite of the growing injury list...

What's the crack?

  • Martin tells us about a near death experience...

  • Bit windy on Saturday we noticed; but how windy was it Chris Kamara?

  • Broadheeeeed; What a goal that was, could he have had a few more?

  • Gooch; The lad put in a shift Saturday, is a more permanent position change looming?

  • How did the lads look Saturday as a team - are they playing for Lee Johnson?

  • Answering your twitter questions, and how we all feel looking ahead - with a couple wins under the belt again...

All this and much more! #SAFC #EFL #LeagueOne


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