ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: Breaking down Sunderland’s run/stumble into the Play-offs w/ Kieron Brady!

We sat down with the always insightful, and frankly erudite - Kieron Brady, to run over our last couple games, try to provide tempered analysis of our season overall, and to try work out where we go from here. You can listen for free on Acast, iTunes, Spotify and of course YouTube. Get stuck in.

What are we on about?

  • Falling into the play-offs; The lads break down the consecutive defeats away at Fleetwood and Southend.

  • Jack Ross; Does he deserve all the criticism he receives, or should some significant portion of the "blame" be directed elsewhere?

  • How does everyone feel about playing Portsmouth again? Twice...

  • We look at individual performances over the season; Who could be considered a success, and who has just consistently not turned up?

  • Promotion; If we make it up to the champo - are we ready? What will we need in terms of funds and recruitment to make a real go of a full championship campaign.

All this and loads more. End of the day, you lovely lot, we just can't help falling in love...


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