ROKER RAPPORT RECAP: Aston Villa v Sunderland, more Hull reaction, Takeover talk & Parasites..


Connor Bromley returns to standard hosting duties at the Rapport joined by his brother Niall, John Stacey and Martin Wanless as they discuss everything from Hull to the EFL trophy, streaming services in a COVID world and the ongoing transfer situation!

What are we talking about?

  • The lads talk some more about Saturday's loss to Hull and the performances of key players;

  • Transfer chat; Is Sunderland's apparent pursuit of young and promising (but relatively unknown) Lads the best idea for the Club moving forward?

  • How do we think Parkinson will approach the EFL trophy against Villa U21s and would it be best to use the match to blood the younger Lads on the fringe of the first team?

  • Streaming passes; What does everyone think of the quality of the product being offered, could it be better and are the Club losing valuable revenue to the more.. Parasitic.. Services available?

  • Niall shows off his deep knowledge of the Argentinian second division, Connor grasses on someone who shall remain unnamed, John uses his superior marketing superpowers to explain why he's right and the Club are wrong and Martin says things Niall actually agrees with... About Danny Graham?

  • Takeover chat; What did everyone think of the Barnesy update and what do we think we're looking at as a deal apparently progresses behind the scenes?

All this and much more! Listen in!


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