ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: An exclusive interview with former Sunderland Captain Lorik Cana!

This week our resident Xtra host Graham had the pleasure of catching up with the absolute gentleman and legend that is former Sunderland AFC Captain (and hard-as-f**k midfield enforcer) Lorik Cana! Answering questions on his life, his career, and his time at the club! You can listen, for free as usual, on Acast, iTunes, Spotify, TuneIn and YouTube.

What are we talking about this episode?

Lorik talks about the events and circumstances which shaped him as a young man, and what drove him to become the player he was;

His first thoughts on coming to Sunderland at that specific point in his career: What or who sold our club to him?

His thoughts on what it means to play for a club like Sunderland, and his love and respect for the fans and the region;

HARD AS F**K; Knowing the limits and pushing them as far as they can be pushed;

Lorik reflects on the team, his favourite players, the craziest man he's ever met, his relationship with Catts, and his influence on a young Hendo;

Favourite moments; What are his most precious memories of his time with us?

His reasons for leaving the club and his feelings on the situation looking back; Lorik makes a promise to the fans...

All this and much more! Tune In!


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