ROKER RAPPORT EXILES PREVIEW SHOW: Sunderland v Ipswich w/ Blue Monday Podcast!

Another packed episode this week as Rich hosts from his unpronounceable Mountain in Wales alongside Bomber from Gloucester/Gloucestershire/Colchester/Rochester/Lincoln/Wherever and Jimmy in Oxford to chat about what Parkinson needs to do to secure victory over Ipswich on their visit to the SoL this Saturday - Get stuck in!

On today's show:

  • Rich chats to Dublin Black Cats branch member Pete Sullivan from his current location of.. Luxembourg.. To discuss how he came to follow the lads and share some funny stories from down the years;
  • We discuss the International Fans Weekend arranged by the club and the BLC;
  • The lads play playing away but Rich actually makes them follow the rules;
  • Aaaand finally (at exactly 55:38 for those in a hurry) we're joined by another Rich from Blue Monday Podcast to find out in great detail how Ipswich have been doing, and how they've handled the transition to League One football;

With added randomness... Best wishes to all the SAFC fans from around the world making the trip over! HAWAAAAAAAAAY!


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