RRP: Poking The Hornets Nest - Watford v Sunderland w/ Adam Leventhal!

What's the buzz down Vicarage Road? Are they feeling Pozzo-tive? I know, I'll stop.

Coming a bit later than usual due to some ridiculously busy schedules, our Chris Wynn had the pleasure of the company of a man many of us will identify with a particular era of Sky Sports coverage and many a deadline day drama - Adam Leventhal - who now covers Watford and more for The Athletic! Talking about his career, his love of his childhood club and the managerial merry-go-round that is Watford FC!  

What's the crack?  

  • How has Adam been doing of late? Chris does his thing as he rummages around his guests head for information.  

  • The magic of deadline day and SSN - Has it been lost in a world of social media and the rest?  

  • How is he enjoying covering The Hornets currently? Bit like being covered in them?  

  • Adam details the ups and downs of Watford under the ownership of the Pozzo family; 

  • Give Edwards a chance - Is the constant churn of coaches and managers really a good thing? Adam doesn't think so…  

  • What does he think the club needs to do since falling from the PL - are they looking close to being ready to bounce back up?  

  • Paying tribute to the late and great Lance Hardy, who he worked with on the 'Tales From The Red & Whites' book series; 

  • How does he feel after watching Sunderland morph into Barca against Reading the night before last?  

  • All this and more! A fascinating chat with a lovely lad!

Listen in!

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