RRP: Who Dares Draws - Quick deflated reaction to Sunderland 2-2 QPR!

Aye the lads had as much wind knocked out of them by that equaliser as the lads on the pitch, as our Mike Dunne, Sam Blakey and Gary Winters met up at the Hilton to try and react to what we all just witnessed...  

What's the crack?  

  • SAS - Stewart and Simms continue their beautiful partnership at least...

How did we not win that?  

  • A great start - where did it all go wrong in the lads opinions?  

Seriously how does that even happen?

  • Undefeated but a definite two point loss rather than one point gained today - how do the lads feel overall?  

Their keeper ffs...

  • The lads need a drink here, and now we all need a drink.

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