ROKER RAPPORT PUBCAST: Beware the Gulls - Quick reaction to Sunderland AFC 5-1 Cambridge Utd!

Our Ant Waterson was joined immediately after the game - at the packed (and loud) Hilton bar - by our Sam Blakey to react quickly to a very comfortable win against Cambridge Utd at the Stadium of Light!

What’s the crack?

  • That was nice wasn’t it? Some lovely goals to try chip away at our GD - how do the lads feel after that?

  • EMBO - Brilliance from the lad yet again!

  • THE LOCH NESS DROGBA IS BACK! Haway the Rossco! 

  • Another goal for Broadhead, and a return to action for Pritch!

  • A great game from Gooch today - was that his best performance this year?

  • Was that a red? Definitely a penna but a red?

  • One game down, two to go!

#SAFC #EFL #LeagueOne

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