ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: WEAR ON OUR WAY - Sunderland v Wycombe Preview/London Travel Guide!

Seriously now, don’t take our advice on travel, won’t be held responsible... but aye lads and lasses it’s here! Some of us are already in London but our Rich, Gav and Ant recorded before the journey - giving their thoughts on the 24 hours or so to come, and the match itself! HAWAY!

What's the crack?

  • Gav was bricking it - he’s currently in Millers down London if you want to track him down and report back on his progress...

  • How are the lads feeling about everything? Confident?

  • Which of the squad now fully/partially fit would the lads bring in for the final?

  • Rich gives us a rough guide of London travel and the underground system - Gav points out Google maps is your friend;

  • More crack about feelings, big flag displays from Spirit of 37, Wembley seats with shite views, arguing with the bank about how much money you've spent - the usual;

  • Just a quick one lads and lasses! Enjoy yourselves, safe travels to all!


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