RRP: SAFC Managerial Mayhem Edition - Reaction to Alex Neil's Sunderland departure w/ Nick Barnes!

Our Chris Wynn was joined yesterday by Phil West and 'ye olde man of tweed' Nick Barnes to try react to the chaos surrounding Sunderland AFC as Alex Neil joined Stoke City in a shock move that rocked the fanbase!  

What's the crack?  

  • Alex Neil - what the good **** happened there Nick? WHATS HAPPENING?

  • What can Barnesy tell us about Alex Neil's sudden departure? 

  • Did he have an inkling something was happening before the Friday announcement?  

  • What do we think was the primary motivation for Alex to leave when he did and does it rhyme with honey? 

  • The fan reaction has been one of defiance for the most part - rallying around the players as we took on Norwich City on Saturday at the Stadium of Light - good to see...  

  • Could the club and Speakman have done more - do we think we'll ever get to the bottom of exactly what's happened with the amount of rumours flying around?  

  • Where do we go from here - what do we think the club will do now in its search for a new head coach? As of recording yesterday at noon we hadn't had an announcement from Stoke - did the lack of clarity lead to the Tony Mowbray links… and is there anything in that?

  • The lads try and break down the Sunderland 0-1 Norwich result with all these distractions;  

  • Aye. It's a bit of a mess lads and lasses but we move/go again...

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