RRP: Dr Jekyll meets Mr Hyde - The Sunderland 2-4 Burnley Review!

*Editorial note*

Apologies for the late release lads and lasses, had a minor medical emergency that (surprisingly) wasn't actually Burnley related… Aye.

Our Gav, Chris and Phil got together to torture themselves and you with a complete breakdown of the weekends result, as Sunderland capitulated in the second half in spectacular fashion to let a 2-0 first half lead slip away. 

What's the crack? 

  • Well that was a bit of a nightmare wasn't it? 

  • How are the lads feeling about the result overall? 

  • All six goals reviewed in terrifying detail, from the Lads first two to those crushing four from the Burnley lot; 

  • Was the result more about us than them? 

  • What was behind that apparent psychological collapse? Is age a factor? 

  • Should Tony Mowbray be taking more responsibility for game management? 

  • What can the Lads learn from such a defeat, despite maybe not expecting the win? 

  • All this and much more! 

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