ROKER RAPPORT PODCAST: TFT or not TFT 2 - Who are ‘The Fans Together’ w/ Martin Calladine & James Cave!

Our Rich Speight got together with football finance specialists and authors - Martin Calladine and James Cave - to find out a bit more about the group seeking to purchase Stewart Donald and Charles Methven’s 39% stake in Sunderland AFC!

What’s the crack?  

  • Martin and James know a thing or two about football finance and cryptocurrency - as well as how the two have tried to merge in recent years - so what do they make of all this news about the TFT group?  

  • Who exactly are ‘The Fans Together’ - who runs this group, what have the group attempted so far, and what are their plans for the future?  

  • How likely is it that cryptocurrency will be able to be used in football ownership with any success anytime soon, and are these group’s claims of “fan ownership” based on anything but a desire to profit from the idea of such models using confusing language and the obfuscation of facts?  

  • Do we think the EFL are capable of recognising the dangers of such groups and do Martin and James think this particular deal has any chance at all of succeeding?  

  • I know lads and lasses, it’s all a bit... confusing. If you’d like to learn more about the world of football finance, football ownership, football’s regulatory bodies, cryptocurrency models and the crazy story of groups like OwnaFC - you can purchase Martin Calladine and James Cave’s book ‘Fit and Proper People: The lies and fall of OwnaFC’ using the Amazon link here, and follow both Martin here and James here on social media.

  • We’ll be back soon! Thanks for listening!  

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