Helena Bonham Carter on how we confront the peaks and troughs of life and put magic in every day

“The shortest distance between two people is laughter"

My next guest is award-winning actress, Helena Bonham Carter. She is a total original, funny and wise, thoughtful, irreverent and utterly herself. In this joyous, meaningful and wide ranging conversation which had moments of great humour it was Helena’s inspirational wisdom that ran through it most profoundly.

In this conversation, we discussed:

  • The big dilemma we all face in finding our purpose and the complexity of what makes us human
  • How Helena won’t let difficult events defeat her but she “will make music of what remains”
  • How we are all a multiplicity of beings and why it helps us to choose life and joy and not take ourselves too seriously
  • The painful consequences of divorce, what helps and how it takes proper time to process these big life changing events 
  • The wisdom of the Victorians to wear black at painful times to honour the loss and let the world know “I am not my normal self” 
  • How singing can be a marvellous antidote to self criticism and shame

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