#1595 - Frustrations & Flagrant Fouls - Buckets & Tea NBA Show

On this week's Buckets & Tea, Cathryn Naiker is joined by guests Matthew Brown & Freddie Rivas to discuss:

The Golden State Warriors - Memphis Grizzles series! We debate the flagrant fouls that have shaped the series so far and ask what - if anything - has gone too far.

Then, we dive a little bit into the Eastern Conference playoffs and talk about Joel Embiid's injury, how it affects the 76ers playoff run, and if 'The Process' works.

In our Raptors Homer Moment, we talk about Masai’s post-season press conference and the incredible year the front office has had. Finally, in our Nick Nurse Hottie Highlight of the Week, we all agree that the Los Angeles Lakers can keep dreaming.
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