#1484 - The Goose is loose, and talking hoops - Raptors Weekly Podcast

Host Samson Folk brings on basketball scout hobbyist, Hoopgoose to talk about the Raptors year so far and field questions from twitter. 

1:43 - Opening thoughts on the Raptors

3:35 - If we're seeking change, what kind?

4:33 - Fred's rising star

10:45 - Explaining catch all statistics and their connection to Fred

20:05 - Pascal Siakam, the All-Star?

23:30 - Pascal and Fred leading a near top-10 offense

25:20 - The funky, funky Raptors

37:23 - Twitter Questions from the Goose Gaggle, first up, Abdel wondering about Scottie Barnes in the pnr

46:40 - The allure of De'Aaron Fox, Markelle Fultz, and the utility of the 3 point shot, from James Bu

1:06:40 - Is small ball the supreme playstyle? Was it ever? From Hjthe4

1:12:55 - Boucher or Bamba? From Josh

1:17:14 - An ideal role player for the young core, from Josh D

1:21:13 - Learning from this draft, from pakhattak

1:24 - the bird Questions
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