#1593 - Masai's Patience Trumps All - Confederacy of Dunks Basketball Podcast - S9E244

Well, unfortunately, history was not made by the Toronto Raptors this time. The future of team hasn't shined this bright in years, though.
RAPTORS: Going back over the season, we ask the question: What was the favourite and least favourite thing about this squad? What should be the biggest front office takeaway from the playoffs this year?
NBA: Draymond Green did a podcast after his flagrant 2 in game 1. Some players have a podcast, but what other player needs to get on the podcatchers with some opinions? The league seems to be experiencing more parity than ever, but there wasn't a single upset in round 1. What team has the best shot at a 2nd round upset?
Special guests on this episode: Zarar Siddiqi and Alan Shane Lewis!
Even though the Raps are out now, our season nine continues on throughout the playoffs, then we keep going with off-season episodes all summer! Our tenth season will start at the beginning of the 2022-23 season. Thanks for listening!
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