234. Notetaking

This week on The Rabbit Hole podcast we are joined by two of our favorite guests, Sophie Creutz and Raymond Lam, to discuss note-taking! When you’re working on software development for eight hours plus, you’re more than likely to lose track of everything you’ve covered and learned. In our conversation, we discuss our approaches to note-taking and how they support long-term memory integration, lifelong learning, and giving feedback during standup meetings. We discuss the plethora of apps that are available for all your note-taking needs and measure the benefits of different types of note-taking, like physical writing, typing, and even recording voice notes. Hear about the different methods for note-taking, like the Zettelkasten method, Flow-based note-taking, and the Cornell method, and what we love about each of them. Tune in to discover the best options for note-taking, how to keep track of it all, and more!