Q&A and Brad Monologue

Brad delivers an opening monologue by emphasizing the important point that recovery requires energy in and of itself, so you have to adopt a bigger picture perspective than the narrow focus on delivering maximum energy output to workouts and taking recovery for granted. Also, (an aside!) Brad says if you are football fan there is blood on your hands and you should examine your conscience and moral implications of watching such a violent sport for our amusement. If you don’t devote proper attention and energy to recovery, big problems ensue and your training will become counterproductive. 

Brad also mentions his awesome new podcast called Get Over Yourself. Details at bradkearns.com. Subscribe and enjoy broader content matter about living a long, healthy, happy life. Questions covered: Is there such a thing as too low body fat for a marathoner? How does a former bodybuilder transition over to specific endurance goals? Does a vitamin/mineral drink count against fasting/autophagy benefits? Are MAF test results varying by air temperature (yes, big time!) ? Is drifting a bit above MAF during workouts a big deal (yes!)? How do you get enough calories during a busy day without carb snacks? What about using ketone supplements during training? Hang with us as we go to town!