An Ancient-Contemporary Maker | Elena Vasilantonaki | Episode 592

For the last nine years, Elena Vasilantonaki has been making with clay, inspired by her need to express herself, to achieve communication, and to present her view of the human nature to others. Born in 1977 in Athens Greece, Elena moved to over six cities by the age of eighteen.  After completing her BA in English Literature  at the University of Athens, Elena taught at a local school for a few years until she stopped to become a full time mother. During that period Elena started taking painting lessons as a creative outlet. In 2010 Elena met with neighbor and talented English potter, Janet Lines who introduces Elena to clay and the ancient firing techniques of raku and pit firing. In 2016 Elena turns her home basement into her studio while still taking pottery classes. In 2018 Elena completes a one year seminar on ceramics technology at Iridanos pottery school  by acclaimed potter Menandros Papadopoulos. She has been working out of her studio ever since.