Back to School for Ceramics | Silvia Vega | Episode 763

Silvia Vega, born and raised in Guatemala, is currently a ceramic student at Lone Star College Montgomery, located near Houston, Texas, under the instruction of Professor Charles Wood. Silvia had the opportunity to explore various museums in Europe, finally settling down to live in Paris, France. Silvia had intentions of finally entering an art program, but the school she applied for had a waiting list of years! Despite these obstacles, Silvia's love for art never waned. In 2017, at the age of 44, Silvia decided to finally fulfill her dream of pursuing an art degree. Silvia was captivated by her first ceramics class where she realized her passion was using clay as a canvas for her creativity. When Silvia's hands aren't busy caring for her three children, they are molding, sculpting, and drawing. Only recently has Silvia begun to enter her work into shows. In her second semester at Lone Star College Silvia won first place in a juried art show. Silvia has been published for three consecutive years in the school magazine, Swirl Magazine, which features selected students' fine arts and writing. Silvia continues to pour her heart into her pottery as she explores various techniques and finds new ways to express her creativity.