S1, Ep 6 Crystal Rasmussen: Drag and the Performance of Pleasure

We bring you a Pride special this week of The Pleasure Podcast with the incredible Tom Glitter/Crystal Rasmussen. This non-binary quintuple threat is a Drag Queen, writer, presenter, singer and most importantly, professional Celine Dion Stan.

Crystal tells us about their new book Diary Of a Drag Queen, a searingly honest memoir detailing their journey from New York, to London, via Lancaster, and the journey to coming out as non-binary, all whilst being an absolute drag legend. Crystal moved us to tears, made us laugh and even squeezed in tips on the best sex clubs in London. We loved discussing how it's possible to stretch the boundaries of what pleasure is and from where we can receive it. Crystal shares with us their queer experience of a world dependent on boundaries and rules, and the challenges of non-conformity when it comes to sexuality and gender. We're given an insight into the hazards of visibility, from stares to physical violence, which has had a profound effect on how they feel they can exist in public.

It’s a very explicit discussion. Movingly we talk the power of logical and biological families, delve into dark rooms and the rules of negotiating open relationships. Most of all it’s a story about realising who you are and recognising your self-worth

Content Warning: Homophobic abuse and violent hate crime

If you or any of your friends or family are affected by issues raised by this podcast, Switchboard can signpost you to local resources and groups.

Get your copy of Crystal’s Diary of a Drag Queen published by Ebury Press from all good bookstores.

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You can catch Crystal at the Edinburgh Festival where she presents The Bible 2 (Plus a Cure for Shame, Violence, Betrayal and Athlete's Foot) Live! Tickets here

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