S2, Ep9 Flo Perry: How To Have Feminist Sex

In this week’s episode of the Pleasure Podcast we talk to writer and illustrator Flo Perry. Flo’s work on Buzzfeed is always a viral sensation, and she has just published the wonderful How To Have Feminist Sex – A Fairly Graphic Guide. Flo is on a mission to improve our sex lives. Her graphic novel is a manual on how to have the sex you want whilst navigating the niggles and neuroses we've built up over a lifetime when it comes to getting down and dirty. This joyful and sexy book is filled with Flo’s gorgeously drawn humans that don’t just decorate the pages, they populate her world.

Flo’s illustrations grace a variety of books including The Girl's Guide To Growing Up Great, written by Sophie Elkan and Remember This When You're Sad by Maggy Van Eijk. Flo is also one of the founders of Aphrodyki, an incredible (and always sold out) queer club night! Find her on the door…

Flo proudly reclaims the word slut and we talk dating apps, sending nudes and ghosting. We learn her top tips for one night stands and how to end a date without causing offence, even if it’s five minutes after you’ve sat down. We even answer the big questions - how to learn what turns you on and the unexpected side effects of chlamydia meds. We discuss body image, the bisexual experience and the gap in the market for a modern day Samantha Jones. Where are our slutty heroines?

You can buy Flo’s How To Have Feminist Sex – A Fairly Graphic Guide, published by Particular Books from Waterstones, Amazon and all good bookstores

Flo’s lovely photograph is by Hannah Eachus

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