S2, Ep 4 Liz O'Riordan: Sex, Intimacy and Breast Cancer

This we speak to consultant breast cancer surgeon, author, TEDx Speaker, triathlete, and nominee for Woman of the Year 2016 Liz O’Riordan.

Liz was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in 2015 and had a recurrence in 2018. She went viral when she dressed as Elastagirl from the Incredibles for the last day of her radiotherapy. Liz uses her unique perspective of being both surgeon and patient to write her award-winning blog about living with breast cancer and more recently a book: The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer.

She writes to empower cancer patients, separating fact from fiction. We speak to Liz about her experience of surgeon turned patient and the lack of information breast cancer patients are provided with when it comes to sex and intimacy after diagnosis. Her story of redefining her sense of feminity when the treatment removed a breast and plunged her into sudden early menopause is powerful and eye-opening. We felt very honored to have Liz with us to speak on a subject we hear so little about.

You can read Liz’s blog and watch her TEDx talk here: liz.oriordan.co.uk

Buy her book The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer: How to feel empowered and take control published by Vermilion from @hivestores HERE , or HERE @wordery or from Amazon HERE

Liz's TEDx talk Jar of Joy can be found HERE

Her top twitter sex gurus are Jo Divine and @SamTalksSex 


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