The Pleasure Podcast Trailer

Trailer to launch The Pleasure Podcast with writer and actor Naomi Sheldon and sexual function doctor Anand Patel.

In this new series Anand and Naomi will be talking to special guests on the relationship we have to our bodies when it comes to sex, sensuality and intimacy. As adults we’re supposed to know it all, but how much do we really? The Pleasure Podcast is a response to the UK’s ad hoc approach to sex education and society’s reticence to discuss the intimate.  

Guests vary from sexologists and therapists to novelists and DJs, who speak with openness, wit and expertise on sex and pleasure and challenging preconceived ideas. They hold conversations that are inquisitive and non-judgemental, casting a broad net, not limited by sexuality, gender, culture or belief. They don’t pretend to know it all and they really want to learn from others. A deeper understanding of our relationship with our bodies can help us find more joy in our daily lives.

Anand brings the perspective of a practising GP and sexual function specialist, of a man seeking insight into women’s stories, and with the experience of growing up gay in a religious family in the 1980s under the shadow of AIDS. Through his practice he sees how genuine conversations around sex and intimacy about adult wants and concerns are rarely brought into the open. Naomi has acted at the RSC and in the West End, and is developing various TV projects including adapting Good Girl for C4. Her writing deals with themes of intimacy and emotion. Growing up in the hyper-sexualised 90s left her with a complicated relationship to sex, self-worth and sexuality. She wants to deconstruct those early lessons and learn afresh what it is to experience pleasure.

If you like the sound of our trailer, you’ll love the frank conversations about sex and pleasure. Be part of the conversation by emailing us ( or tweet us @ThePleasurePod.


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