S1, Ep 7 Lynn Enright: The Sex Education We Should Have Had

It’s the season finale! What a journey we’ve been on. Thank you to all our glorious guests and thank you especially to you, our listeners. We’re at 10k listens! We're building an amazing community and we couldn’t have done it without you. We’ll be back in September with a glittering series two. First up is Sara Pascoe on Sex, Power, Money. Make sure to subscribe and keep alert for a bonus episode we’ll be dropping later this week.

Without further ado, here is the final episode of the series! It’s a banger.

We welcome, journalist, author, panelist, speaker, activist, Lynn Enright. She’s written for almost every publication you can think of spanning from Vogue to The Financial Times and everything in between. She has this particular skill of blending the personal with the political, making her subject relatable and the message powerful.

We interview Lynn on her book, Vagina: a re-education; part memoir, part practical guide- she breaks down the myths women have been told about their bodies for generations. A book which has rightly earned its place in the feminist canon.

We talk about the rise of labiaplasty, the clitoris, and if you’d ever want your labia tickled. Lynn speaks brilliantly on the lack of education about getting pregnant and explores the ‘we’ve left it too late’ fallacy/reality when it comes to fertility. Anand’s GP knowledge comes into its own as he educates us on male infertility and what to look out for when using lube. We look at the gap in female sexual health making way for companies like Goop to come to the rescue. Ever wondered if a jade egg is a good investment? Anand tells us exactly why it’s a risky business. Naomi does a rendition of *that* Fleabag speech on pain (move over Kristin Scott Thomas) and we discuss how the medical profession need to take women's pain seriously. It’s a funny, open, educational episode that’s wide ranging and warm-hearted. What a delicious finisher to season1!

Get your copy of Vagina: a Re-education, published by Allen and Unwin, from all good bookstores.

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