S1, Ep 8 Katie Greenall: Fat and Queer, Finding the Words that Fit

It’s our Bonus Edinburgh Episode! At The Pleasure Podcast HQ we are delighted to welcome theatre maker, actor and award-winning spoken word artist Katie Greenall. She’s been a resident artist at The Roundhouse for the past year and created the show Fatty Fat Fat about living in a body which the world tells you to hate which she will be performing at the Edinburgh Fringe this August - do catch her there

An advocate for the fat acceptance movement with the Fat Liberation manifesto above her bed, Katie urges people to leave their diet books at the door, whilst she sheds a light on what it’s like to be constantly judged on your body size. 

In an interview with The Stage she said “Theatre should hold a mirror up to society and there are people who look like me whose stories are eradicated. This show isn’t about saying ‘this is my body and I love it’, because that isn’t my truth – this show is about life.”

In today’s episode, Katie reclaims the word fat for herself and learns to love her body by increments, an ongoing process. 

We discuss the lack of fat people in the media, and fat fictional characters who aren't merely the comedy character. It’s a journey to empower herself, now able to ask for what she needs as a fat person and to stop policing herself. Katie shares the unsatisfying sex of her teens that ticked experiential boxes but left her unmoved. She talks about exploring her queerness, to find a word that fits how she feels and the people she loves; how bigger bodies fit together and enjoy pleasure. 

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