S2, Ep 2 Jason Domino: Lessons of a Porn Star and Sex Worker

In this episode of The Pleasure Podcast we welcome the talented multi-hyphenate Jason Domino: activist, porn performer, sex worker, and head of the sexual health think-tank: The Domino Foundation. 

Jason was raised as a committed Christian and tried to change his sexuality as a teen using aversion therapy and conversion camps. He shares with us how he started in sex work and porn and how a health scare following a porn shoot opened his eyes to the need for sex education, particularly around HIV prevention. This led to the creation of Porn4Prep, a groundbreaking film combining sex and HIV education featuring porn performers and health care professionals.

We talk about the rules for negotiating open relationships and how Jason separates sex with a client from sex with a partner. 

Jason discusses the problems with the current sex work laws and advocates the full decriminalisation as the method that would most reduce harm and stigma to sex workers. 

Jason’s activism in sex work and HIV prevention has taken him all the way to the United Nations in Geneva, speaking on Sexual Health & Human Rights.

All the safe (and not so safe for work!) videos are at https://porn4prep.com and you can read more about pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) for HIV which is already reducing HIV transmission.

Please check out the links below mentioned by Jason in the podcast to learn more about helping sex workers keep safe, the fight for the decriminalisation of sex work and the legal frameworks that are in place across the world. 


SWARM: https://www.swarmcollective.org

National Ugly Mugs: https://uknswp.org/

If you’d like to support Jason’s work please take a look at https://thedominofoundation.co.uk.

CW: This episode has mention of rape and gay conversion therapy.


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