Dealing With Pet Bereavement

Gemma Atkinson is joined by Diane James, Manager of the Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service, and First Dates’ Laura Tott, to talk about how to cope with the loss of a much-loved pet. 

Laura knows first-hand what a difficult experience grieving for a pet can be. She lost her beloved dog Lucy in early 2019 when she was shot and killed whilst on a country walk. Laura opens up about how she felt about Lucy’s death at the time and how she has since come to terms with her passing. 

Diane shares her expert insight on how all pet owners can deal with the grief experienced when a pet passes away; how it’s ok if your family/partner grieve differently; as well as how to navigate the feelings of guilt. “Guilt is the most common thing that comes up when we speak to people, or work with them", says Diane. "Did I do enough? Was it too soon? Could I have gone somewhere else? When I signed the paperwork at the vets to have them euthanised, was it right? Guilt is a massive part for people who are grieving for their animals.”

Diane and Gemma also cover the challenging subjects of missing or stray pets, and also how to cope with the loss of a pet through the breakdown of a relationship. 

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