Integrating A New Pet Into Your Home

Gemma is joined by Ryan Neile, Head of the Blue Cross Behaviour service to talk about how to adapt when introducing a new pet into your home. Also, actress, yoga instructor and personal trainer, Gemma Merna shares her personal experience of integrating third pup, Paige, into her family with her two other dogs - and talks of how her two St Bernard’s helped her overcome a fear of big dogs.

Ryan shares his expert insight on what all pet owners should know and understand before welcoming a new pet into their home, and offers his best tips and tricks for how the process can be made as smooth as possible.

“We need to relax and not make the process too intense", Ryan says; "If we have too high expectations of a pet coming into our home, and automatically understanding the routine, then it can be very stressful for everyone”

Ryan and the two Gemmas talk about how to nurture the owner/pet relationship, the importance of treating all pets as individuals, as well as how to best understand the unique, subtle language that pets will try and communicate to us with.

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