Different Pets for Different Lifestyles

Kayleigh Hill, Manager of the Greater Manchester Rehoming and Advice Unit (RAU) joins Gemma Atkinson to talk about how to match the perfect pet, to their perfect owner. Kayleigh’s centre is one of 34 RAUs run by Blue Cross across the UK. Collectively, they rehomed 9000 pets in 2019.  

Understanding how to choose the right pet to fit with your lifestyle is vitally important for all prospective pet owners. In this episode, Gemma quizzes Kayleigh on all the things people should think about before bringing a pet into their home – and shares her own experiences of living with her beloved dogs, Norman and Ollie. 

Kayleigh shares her expert insight on the factors Blue Cross will consider before rehoming a pet as well as the first, all important, question everyone should ask themselves at the start of the adoption process - ‘how much time do I have to give the animal?’ "And not just during the week", says Kayleigh, "Think about how often you go away on holiday, for example. That’s something that people often don’t factor in and consider. Do you imagine your pet going on holiday with you? Or, if not, have you got friends and family that can look after them.”

For more information on this episode and Blue Cross' rehoming services, go to https://www.bluecross.org.uk/podcast


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