Ed Miliband with Nihal Arthanayake

Labour MP, podcast host and now author Ed Miliband talks to Nihal Arthanayake about his debut book, ‘Go Big: How To Fix Our World’. 

Using a scene from ’The West Wing’ and a Robert Kennedy speech as jump off points, Ed and Nihal meditate on Ed's time as Leader of the Opposition, reconciling a partisan political climate, and being an idealist in a world of pragmatists. #PenguinPodcast

Robert Kennedy’s Day of Affirmation speech can be found here - https://bit.ly/2T7Gff9

The ‘Let Bartlet be Bartlet’ episode of ’The West Wing’ can be found here - https://bit.ly/3zdUQGi

’Go Big: How To Fix Our World’ is available to buy as an audiobook now - https://apple.co/3w60AQB 

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