The Halloween Horrors of Old Mill Lane: Episode 6 - The Corruption of Old Mill Lane

'Halloween 2019 - With a head full of creepy stories about the Old Mill, Kate excitedly heads to party there put on by her employer. Her boyfriend, Tom is less enthusiastic, but awkward small talk will soon be the least of his worries.'

From the team behind the chart-topping horror storytelling podcast The Other Stories comes an ambitious new audio anthology starring the voice of British horror icon Emily Booth, alongside a cast of Hawk & Cleaver regulars.

To celebrate Halloween, The Midnight Macabre Podcast - hosted by Laura Lambton (Emily Booth) - presents a week of daily live broadcasts from Old Mill Lane in Bramshire, a location with a reputation for being one of the most haunted places in Britain.

Each night, Laura introduces a story reconstructed from the gruesome past of the mill, in an effort to unpick the mysteries of its dark history, culminating in a grand finale as Halloween arrives.


Produced by Hawk & Cleaver

Starring by Emily Booth

Edited by Karl Hughes

Directed by Andy Conduit-Turner

Written by Andy Conduit-Turner

Performed by Josh Curran

Music - Sergey Cheremisinov

SFX - Freesound.Org &

Artwork by Ben Errington


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